Driver Genius Professional: Review of Chief Features

Have you lost your driver CD? Or, recently reinstalled Windows and need new drivers for your hardware? Get Driver Genius Professional, a driver management software that finds new drivers for your PC, backs them up, restores, updates, and removes them if desired. It is the most popular driver management tool, coming from Blue Squad and Avanquest to help PC users get the exact drivers they need easily and quickly.

What are Drivers and Why do I Need a Driver Management Software?

The drivers in your PC provide the interface for the operating system to communicate with various hardware and peripheral devices like keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, scanner, video card and others. Drivers are often damaged or lost in the process of reinstallation or update of the operating system. Manually finding and installing them then becomes quite a hassle. This is where a driver management software comes to your rescue. Drivers are constantly updated by their manufacturers in order to improve their performance, compatibility and stability. A driver management software also helps you get these updates and thus improves the performance of your PC.

Driver Genius Professional: Features

With just some mouse clicks, Driver Genius Professional finds, installs and updates the drivers on your PC which the PC can’t find on its own. It also analyzes your PC and recommends most suitable drivers for it from a vast database with over 30,000 different drivers which are constantly monitored and updated by its manufacturers. Some of these are:

  • Motherboards
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Video and sound cards
  • Hard drivers
  • CD/DVD drivers
  • Modem cards
  • VOIP Phones
  • Network cards
  • MP3 players
  • Digital Cameras
  • Printers and scanners, and many more.


It carries out the following operations for these drivers:

  • Scanning: It scans various drivers to find out which of them need updating
  • Downloading: It automatically downloads drivers and their updates as well as verifies downloads with its New Download Verification system
  • Installation: It simplifies driver installation through its Driver Install Wizard
  • Backup: It backs up drivers installed on your PC
  • Restoration: It automatically restores all your backup drivers, a great feature while reinstalling or updating the operating system of your PC
  • Uninstalling: It helps you find out and remove old, useless drivers that slow down your PC and may also harm it



Driver Genius Professional comes with a user-friendly, easy to understand and operate interface. Navigation is simplified by various menus and buttons. It is displayed in a dual pane window – that reminds one of Windows Explorer and other similar programs, and makes it possible for most people to jump right in. To keep things simple, it is not overloaded with too many graphics or options, and makes for a fast run on any computer.

Operation Clackmann Weather

Driver Genius Professional can be operated by just about anyone, including you, even if you don’t have great expertise in computer operations. It has excellent help files and documentation to explain its features and their use to you, if you are not able to understand it at a glance. And if you get confused at any step, it has a help wizard to guide you through the process step by step.

The scan process is quick and makes it possible to download the latest driver updates in just a few moments. And it allows you to update the drivers one at a time, or all at once.

Especially Useful Features

One of the most useful features of Driver Genius Professional is its ability to back up and restore drivers. This enables you to get your computer up-to-date after you have reinstalled or upgraded your Windows operating system. There are several different formats of backup available for advanced users like ZIP archives, self extracting archives and auto installer. The restoration process is really easy, requiring only a few clicks on the part of the user.

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