Fame Operation – Design Shops Rely On Good Way To Save Money

Fame in a sense that the sale is not only commodities but also to those who experienced the shopping atmosphere, This requires investors to exert decoration. Redecoration well, it is necessary to spend a lot of money to spend, simple decoration might not attract consumers to stop, draining away business opportunities. In the end how to balance the relations between the two, both to save money and attract customers? Some renovation experience is worth from other investors.Anyone who Although in the field of clothing investment novice, but her social experience and a lot.

In reality, she did marketing, advertising and many other work, Therefore Fame decoration think of a better way to save money. She shops in the area of around 16 square meters, is long and narrow-based. To allow more beautiful shop more attractive, she two walls around shallow brush into gold, After the door to see that the wall is as watermelon red brush. Color harmony and contrast, impressive. 레플리카쇼핑몰

In addition, she is still on the roof of lifting the wave-butter color machinery, both sides of the shelves in the top of the nail 10 hereby fashion paintings, beating on 20 lamp The location of the entrance window will hang a red veil, yarn up in front of a model. Machinery to create the warmth and romantic effect, she became a row of shops in a dozen or so of the most beautiful store is the most eye-catching. A business attracted a lot of people curious eyes.Her shops with almost cost of refurbishing the area, some of the savings may have to spend some Dollars..

This cheaper method is very simple, it is a first relatively well-known clothing stores and specialty stores visited, Set a good return forms to determine their decoration style, but it does not go any decoration companies or contractors. but put the decoration process of decomposition of each item, and find their own materials, buy materials in the material requested to sell the boss on workers, wages can talk directly with the workers, This avoids the intermediate stages of exploitation, of course, is money.

The process is not complex, for example, she need to brush into the wall she designed color, Below material on the market for sale of the paint shop and asked the shop owner wall area and the quantity to purchase. Shop owners to help her counted, No need to hurry, but for many in the market with the site, Price find the cheapest will be bought, and asked to help her boss introduced whitewashers mentor. The market for building materials dealers are generally familiar with many of the workers reported the price is not high. This can save at least twice the cost of refurbishing.

Shop image should not be settled –

Image design in the shops, not hard to move pre-existing sets of standards, It will need its own on-site inspection and shop around and see the direction of flow of people, sunshine, obstructions, shop around color, style, in accordance with these specific elements, in accordance with the design standards. Now many of Fame in image design shops are very arbitrary,

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