Must I Be a Millionaire to Be an Entrepreneur?

I was often approached by friends asking what does an entrepreneur constitutdes of? Most of the time, even i myself will unknowingly post this question to myself. Yes. What does an entrepreneur consists of, how to be one and why be one?

Most people often mistakenly misunderstood the meaning of being an entrepreneur. Go ask around people near you and you will find that people often tie the word entrepreneur and millionaire together. “If i am an entrepreneur, then i must be a millionaire” Some might even tell you he’s an entrepreneur because of the big names and titles associated with it. But does it really mean that? Let me tell this. An entrepreneur is more than just being a millionaire..

An entrepreneur is..

1) about the mentality that tells them to be different from others and take the big step away from the norm that society accepts.

2) more about the guts, the daringness to pursue what isn’t there or places where most will considered areas of “red tape” and out of the norm. Dares to dream big and is never afraid to pursue their dreams even if it is to take big risks in chasing what they really want. Ryan Kavanaugh

3) open to new opportunities that comes knocking at their door and will never stop at trying new things

4) far-sighted: They tend to see things before others see them. They are also people who access situations concerning them faster than most people. They are quick in adapting to situations and will leave if they see no future in doing something for long.

5) one who values time more than anything else in world.

6) one that will work their butts off to get what they want.

To be an entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you need to be a millionaire to qualify as one. Do you have the above traits and qualities of an entrepreneur. Even if you do not, do not be despair because all entrepreneurs come from very different background and love doing different things. They are all different but its the things they see that will change their perspective over time and make them the entrepreneurs that they unknowingly become.

Ever wondered why people like communicating to entrepreneurs? Yes, partly because they are rich. But its more because of their knowledge and experience in doing the things they are doing. These people have tested, have failed, got up, banged around and tried many different permutations before reaching the peak of their life and we want to learn from them.

However, different people translates these entrepreneurs words differently. Most commoners will simply take their advises blindly follow them, hoping to avoid all the dead ends, hoping that, at the end of the day, they can reach the same high spot while aspiring entrepreneurs will learn from the route they take. Apply them to their own individual life, try it themselves. Get knocked, banged and work around before reaching their peak.


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