Skateboards Give You The Freedom To Fly Past

The skateboard is a certain device which was conceived as a means of surfing outside of water. The history of skateboards cannot be specifically traced back to a certain age but is indeed very fascinating. Some hold the belief that the art of skateboarding began on the beaches of California while some other hold other that the background of skateboarding can be traced to some other place. In the recent times however skateboards are seen as an emblem of youthful energy and vigour. In the early era of 1930s the kids in the United States attached the roller skates to a board which measured up to two to four inches. But it was not before 1958 that the modern range of skateboards was invented. electric skateboard with remote control

Talking about the design of the skateboards it can be easily claimed that they were inspired from that of surfboards. In the initial phase they were quite similar to that of the surfboards but in the following times there was a change in the design due to that of the commodities. The first range of skateboards was manufactured in the year 1965. They were thick by one inch and had in them rubber wheels and also cast iron trucks. With varied range of skateboards available the skateboarders are also able to classify themselves accordingly like free style skateboarders, high jump skateboarders, downhill skateboarders, long jump skateboarders and so on.

Today with the popularity of skateboarding especially in the Western parts of the world the surfing enthusiasts are developing a special fascination over the skateboards and this is leading to an increase in the manufacture of skateboards of different types. There are also certain trivia attached to that of the skateboard. In the year 1993, on 17th August Thomas Welsh was issued patent # 5,236,208 for a skateboard which would be platform steerable. Following that Allan Ollie Gelfand invented Ollie which was again a trick of skateboarding where in the skateboarder would jump into the air with the skateboard completely attached to his feet. Though there was a lapse in the popularity of the skateboards in the 70s and 80s it has made a huge comeback again both in the arena of pastime and sport in the contemporary times. In the United States skateboarding ranks sixth when it comes to the talk of the sports which has the largest number of participants. In the coming years also it is likely to remain the major attraction as well as the centerpiece of the youth culture of America.

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