The Modern realme GT


RealMe GT is a mobile communication device produced by the mobile manufacturer Empodium. The phone is not only used for communication purposes, but also for entertainment purposes like chatting, faxing and music listening. Unlike many other communication devices, a lot of importance is given to the video features of the RealMe phone. The video quality of the RealMe phone can vary depending upon the lighting of the environment. realme gt

A lot has been said about the Empodium RealMe GT and a lot has been written about its price range and the various features it has. While the primary camera of the RealMe GT was introduced in China on 4 June, it was not until mid-July that the high-tech phone launched in other markets, particularly in the European and Indian regions. As for international retail availability, the phone finally went on sale in June last year. A consumer can get his hands on the RealMe GT through various avenues – direct selling from the manufacturer or via online retailers who are offering discounts on offer on RealMe phones. Most of the consumers looking to buy the RealMe GT prefer to buy them from retailers who offer attractive price tags.

One of the main features of the RealMe GT is its eight megapixel, dual camera handset. It is equipped with a primary and secondary camera which can be used to take multiple pictures and stitch them together in a genuine video format. Apart from this, it also features a powerful facial recognition system, a unique color screen that responds to sunlight, a heart rate monitor, a USB port and a SIM card reader. All these high-end features make the RealMe GT a preferred choice of professional athletes and celebrities, as well as common people. Though the price of the RealMe GT is a tad on the higher side, one can still get his hands on the device by logging onto the internet and checking out various online stores that are offering them at discounted rates. Another option to look into would be contacting phone stores and negotiating for discounts on the handset.

The second part of the RealMe lineup up for sale is the RealMe GT plus edition. This model sports a bigger display, a bigger and better dual camera setup, an improved image processing engine and a higher pixel resolution. However, what makes the RealMe GT plus so special is that it also offers a unique feature of its own – the ability to take off the screen of the smartphones that do not support the GSM standard (which includes most of the major cell phones and Smartphones). For example, if your teenager wants to show off his latest picture, he can snap the photo in the front-facing camera of his HTC Wildfire or iPhone and immediately post it to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site that supports the internet. This innovative feature makes the RealMe GT plus the perfect giveaway item for young teens who are already showing off their latest pictures and accomplishments.

The RealMe HTC Juke, which has been recently launched in the market, is another hot favorite among the smartphone users all over the world. This amazing gadget from RealMobile can easily transform the mood of the user, especially when he is in a tough situation and needs a pick me up. The RealMe Juke comes with an auto-answer function that makes it more responsive than any other auto-responder software that is currently available in the market. The phone also features a rich messaging system and the “Juke Music Store” to cater the music enthusiasts’ needs.

The RealMe GT Plus is one of the newest products from RealMobile and it comes with a cool feature of integrating your car’s audio system into the GPS system. Users can easily upload their MP3’s to the HTC Wildfire’s built in sound system and listen to it wherever they go. If you are looking for the best cell phones in the market, then be sure to choose the RealMe GT plus from RealMobile as it comes with great features that come along with a hefty price tag to pay. Get one of these high tech smartphones today and experience the modern lifestyle.

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