Thermoelectric Cooler – 3 Tips To Picking The Best One

A thermoelectric cooler can be great for work or play. You can use a smaller size to take your lunch to work without having to worry about ice in your pack, or you can use a larger size for camping, tailgating, or family road trips. No matter what you want to use it for, these clever travel coolers come from many different companies, like Coleman, Igloo, Koolatron, Wagan Tech, and Black & Decker, and are available with a few different features you may not be aware of. Before you just go out and pick up one that looks good to you, check out reviews from other consumers to see which ones are best.

Sorting through thermoelectric cooler reviews can be a little time-consuming, though, if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. So, before you start looking for your perfect cooler, take these tips for finding what you actually need out of reviews for these excellent coolers: keg cooler

1. Look at quality
One of the biggest problems with thermoelectric coolers is that they have moving parts, which sometimes go bad. Regular coolers just need to have sturdy construction and good insulation, but these coolers really need to have some high-quality parts. Because not all companies make higher quality parts, not all of these coolers are created equal. So, check out reviews to see which cooler is likely to last you the longest, keeping in mind, of course, that it’s always possible to get a good example of a bad product or a lemon with a product that’s generally great.

2. Check out size / capacity
Something that can be difficult about buying a thermoelectric travel cooler, or most any travel cooler for that matter, is deciding what size you need. One thing to keep in mind with a thermoelectric cooler is that you don’t need to put any ice in it, which means it’s actually going to have more room for food and drinks than a regular cooler of equal physical size. Most thermo-coolers will be listed by their size in quarts or liters, but it’s hard to picture exactly what you can put in seven liters or twenty-six quarts of space. Fortunately most good product descriptions include the unofficial “12 oz can” measurement. Check reviews and product descriptions to see how many standard sized (12 oz) pop cans you can fit into a cooler, which will help you picture more clearly how big it is.

3. Find out about extra features
Some electric coolers in this category can be fairly basic, while others have a few extra features. It’s a good idea to look at reviews for each thermoelectric cooler so you can see how many extra features it has and whether or not they’re worth the extra money. If you’re camping or tailgating, cup holders in the top of the cooler can be convenient. Many of these coolers, though, are made for the car, so they have car-specific features, such as a slimmer design that allows them to fit easily on the floor of the car or an arm rest on top.

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