Tips For Moving Out of Your Apartment

Moving can be an overwhelming experience. So many small things to remember add up to one big headache. Here are some of the basic things you’ll want to make sure you do before you move on to your next home. move out cleaning colorado springs

Patch up holes and Repaint
Once everything is off your walls. Give a thorough inspection of the walls to catch and nails or holes. If you find any nails take them out and patch those holes with Spackling paste. Once the holes or divots are spackled you’ll want to paint them but only if you have permission in your lease to paint. Even if you don’t most landlords will be happy to see they just have to paint. The less work for the landlord the more deposit for you!

Even though the apartment isn’t your concern anymore it’s still a good idea to dust, mop, and correct and issues that might harm your chances of getting your deposit back. If there is an issue and the landlord spots it but also sees you’ve cleaned everything so they don’t have to fix anything else, they might be more willing to cut you a break on other issues. Cleaning includes the oven and fridge. Even though the apartment maybe spotless funky smells from the kitchen might concern the landlord. Try to clean these a couple weeks before you move out.

Replacing Lost Keys
Losing your keys is a definite way to lose some deposit money. If you’ve lost them discuss the situation with your landlord to see if you can replace the locks yourself. It seems like a lot of work but if you’ve got the time and expertise it might be a cheaper alternative.

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