Where Can You Find Wicker Baskets at Bargain Rates?

Wicker baskets have been one of the most popular carry-on gifts for centuries. This is because of their light nature and beautiful design. These baskets’ design has remained more or less intact over the ages since the ancient days when they were mostly hand-woven from sisal and other tough fibers. Their design made them beautiful to carry and also light which meant they were the ideal carry on bag when travelling long distances. The most famous wicker basket in the world is the one that was used in biblical times to carry the baby Moses in the epic tale of found in the book of Exodus. Back then they were used mostly in market places to display an assortment of goods and also in the palaces where Kings and Queens used them to receive and give gifts.

Because of their light material, they come in handy in modern times especially as laundry baskets. This is mostly common in the US where it is not uncommon to find two or three of them in many homes. They help people organize their laundry and store their dirty clothes which are then sorted later. It is also common to see some baskets being just used for decorative purposes. These are the ones which are usually purchased during tourist trips to exotic regions of the globe such as the Middle East or African countries. custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

Wicker baskets are usually made of a strong fiber that is able to withstand great pressure. This can be wicker, sisal, reed grass, bamboo and sometimes even wheat. Some craftsmen even interweaved different fibers for extra durability. The craftsmen and women were experts and used a skill that was usually handed down different generations. In continents like Africa, the culture of weaving baskets is deeply ingrained and most women learn it at an early age. Later on, this art become crucial because in many homes, it is the only way of earning a decent income. Because the baskets are usually hand-woven, they tend to sell well especially to Western tourists. The baskets are then used as souvenirs by these tourists because they are considered more original and more durable than machine-woven baskets.

Large stores such as Walmart also stock wicker baskets which come in different size shapes and colors and can be found in arts and crafts sections. These are usually the machine-woven ones which are mass produced in China, Mexico and Singapore. The hand-woven types may also be available but tend to be more pricey. These baskets are of good quality and they are good for any purpose.

Craigslist is another way of getting genuine hand-woven baskets. This is because Craigslist acts as a giant garage sale where anyone and everyone can list their for-sale items as long as its in the related section. Had-woven baskets are usually for sale by people that have to connections to either crafts merchants or are merchants themselves. African wicker baskets are very popular for the simple reason that they are considered the originals and therefore the “real deal”. There is therefore a great demand for these baskets and they tend to sell for more than the regular baskets.



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